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Competition for Children, Yay or Nay?

Saturday, May 25, 2024

When I was a student in formal school, competition was so familiar, especially in academic topics. Students who got high scores, first rank, or science students were considered smart. What about homeschool students? Do they need competition too? Or have they become less competitive?

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English Club for Parents which I joined yesterday discussed this topic. It is interesting because all of us, participants of English Club, are homeschool parents. There is no obligation to compete in academic or non-academic just like at formal school. Will it affect less perseverance?

Some parents think that children must join competitions, such as drawing, talent search events, or anything else. They just register their children.

Some parents support their children to join competitions based on their passion. Children who love drawing join a drawing competition and those who love sports join a sports tournament.

Other parents set their children free to choose whether they want to join competition or not. 

In my opinion, we face both competition and collaboration in real life. That's why my children are exposed to competition too even though they are homeschooled.

My elder son is a bit competitive but needs to think longer before he enters a competition. For example, he loves football and talks about it everyday. I asked him to join a football academy but he always refused. One day, his friends joined a football tournament. My son just watched his friends practice on the sidelines. I knew he wanted to join but he was unconfident.

After hours (or days?), he told his father that he wanted to join that football tournament. He asked for new football shoes. He was very enthusiastic about practicing football.

Source: Canva

There are children who don't feel comfortable in competition, afraid of being lost, or afraid of being judged. I told my son this competition is to practice and to have fun. Winning is a bonus. When we lose, it is okay to cry or feel disappointed for a while.

If it is still uncomfortable to join a competition which directly faces the competitors, we can join online competition or self-competition. Bebras Challenge is one of our favorite contests which doesn't feel like competition. It is an online competition about logic and numeration for primary students until high school students. The participants answer the questions at their own pace and every participant will get a certificate.

The goal of every competition my children join is not always to become a winner. When they want to try, do their best, or even just finish, it is a win for us. We celebrate it and prepare little prizes for them.

Beside competition with others, self-competition is a big challenge too! How to become discipline, how to set targets, how to manage failure, how to break self-record, and many other things. Even adults face these challenges too.

Competition is not always bad, sometimes we need competition to go forward, to be better. That's my two-cents about competition for children. What about you? Love to deal with competition or not?

16 comments on "Competition for Children, Yay or Nay?"
  1. Kompetisi sering kali dipandang sebagai bagian penting dari masa kanak-kanak. Anak-anak didorong untuk berkompetisi dalam segala hal, mulai dari olahraga hingga akademisi. keputusan untuk mengikutsertakan anak dalam kompetisi adalah keputusan pribadi yang harus dibuat oleh orang tua dengan mempertimbangkan kebutuhan dan kepribadian anak

  2. Setuju kak, kompetisi tidak selamanya buruk. Kompetisi menjadi buruk jika anak tidak diajarkan bagaimana cara mengelola kekalahan dan bagaimana berlomba secara sportif. Jika anak sudah kita ajarkan tentang mental kalah dan menang maka kompetisi bisa jadi sarana untuk mengukur sejauh mana kemampuan anak. Dari kompetisi anak akan belajar point apa saja yang harus ditingkatkan dan diperbaiki

  3. Anak-anak belajar berkompetisi bagus juga ya, misalnya di sekolah untuk nilai rapot yang bagus atau pas ada lomba di sekolah, jadi langkah mendidik karakternya

  4. Such as i love it, i think one day Homeschool method going to be other solution for our children because there isn't obligation for our child to choose whatever they want.

  5. I let my children to join with some competitions as long as they like it. But as a parent, we should give them information about the result of the competitions. They have to be ready for winning or losing of course

  6. In my humbble opinion, there is no harm in letting children participating in competition. But we have to ensure that children are participating in competitions they are genuinely interested in and passionate about. Don't focus on winning, because it can be pressure them.

  7. Competing for children is actually a good thing. Unfortunately, some parents only demand that children win for pride. Several times my child participated in competitions, I saw some parents who actually secretly helped the child. Competition should be a lesson for children to appreciate the process. However, these values are not obtained because of parental ambition

  8. Kompetisi untuk anak adakalanya penting ya kak. Dapat melatih anak untuk lebih survive dan semangat lebih baik. Jika diarahkan dengan baik maka anak bisa ambil manfaat positif dari berkompetisi

  9. Jadii inget waktu kecil, orangtua mengajarkan agar anak bisa survive menghadapi masalah salah satunya ikut-ikut lomba. Salah satu manfaat berkompetisi anak belajar bagaimana bersikap jika kalah ataupun menang.

  10. Aku yes, tetapi memang si anak sering aku kasih pemahaman tentang kompetensi itu bagaimana. Harus bisa legowo kalau kalah, jadi gak ada drama berkepanjangan nantinya.

  11. I think children must be happy. If competiton make them not happy, don't use that. Give them experiences that make them memorable and life lessons. Supadilah/padil

  12. Berkompetisi emang perlu sih, tapi jangan juga memaksakan anak harus menang terus, berkompetisi membuat anak bisa mengukur kemampuan diri sendiri, asal jangan terbebani

  13. I agree with you 100%. With competition we will know about us. What the weaknes and the strongest. Without competition, we feel good buts not. Competition is good for our mental too. Be brave and strugle

  14. Mengajarkan anak kompetitif lewat berbagai kompetisi tentunya bermanfaat dan bisa mengasah mental pantang menyerah saat dewasa

  15. Kompetisi bagi anak, selain melatih kemampuan juga dapat mengasah mental juara..molly nih dulu seneng banget ikutan lomba, meskipun nggak pernah menang.

  16. Competing during early age like two-sided knife. What matter how parents and kid coping with that. Parents should learn how to embrace kids competing in healthy way as possible


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