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Manado, City of Blessing

Monday, November 19, 2012

November is surprising month for me.
I went to Manado, North Sulawesi for business trip and took some photo shoots.
Not much but I like to share it here, esp for you who haven't gone there before. Manado is city of blessing.

No pic = hoax, it is me in Manado
what is that on the right side? a candle tower?

Green Roof, Red Roof, Blue Sky
Piranha statue?

Dotulolong Lasut Park before Sunset
Dotulolong Lasut Park after Sunset

Zero Point Monument in the heart of Manado City

(yummy) Rainbow Pudding from Toko Singapura, Manado

4 comments on "Manado, City of Blessing"
  1. wow i WANT it....
    next time ill join you to go there
    - JA -

    1. Best time to travel around Manado in the morning when there is no traffic jam. On y va!

  2. suka jalan-jalan juga ternyata :)


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