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Ruwetnya Hat Yai

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I went to Hat Yai last May, small  town in the south of Thailand. Once I arrived, I noticed that most of sign in Thai. I had no idea how to read it. Only few bahts and no signal for my smartphone to connect the internet, so buying local simcard wasn't a choice. Fortunately, I had saved some pictures of places to visit so I could ask to local people by showing the pics. One of my destination was going to Samila Beach, outside Hat Yai. After asking people using body language (thank God we could communicate in such way), I took ojek (motorcycle taxi) somewhere..I didn't know where this ojek took me, just trust the driver because he said that he is also a Moslem. Then he saw a car (or angkot) which could take me to Samila Beach. He told angkot driver to take me there. I sat beside angkot driver and took some pics while this angkot drove to Samila Beach. What I realized during the journey was motorcycles were everywhere. Something interesting both annoying was so many electrical cables all around city. I called it "RUWET' in Indonesia. Complicated, intricate, knotty, I don't know correct word to describe in English. Besides those cables, Hat Yai is a fine city to visit. Don't miss it if you take a tour in Thailand.
taken from Ojek and Angkot by @helenamantra

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